Team Third Law Adults Martial Arts Program Schedule

Team Third Law Adults Martial Arts Program Schedule

Team Third Law Kids Martial Arts Program Schedule

Team Third Law Kids Martial Arts Program Schedule

At Third Law Brazilian Jiu Jitsu you'll find the most complete training schedule available in the area. You simply can't find a more complete school.Below is a general description of the classes we offer.

Grappling Orientation

This is an introduction to our Ground fighting systems here at Third Law Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. This is for first-timers coming to the school looking to check out the program. If you are thinking about whether or not these programs are for you, it is imperative that you come to the orientation so you can realize the potential of what these classes can do for you and how the techniques you learn could even Save Your Life! After you participate in the informative and fun orientation you'll get access to our other BJJ Basics and No Gi Grappling Basics classes.


Third Law BJJ of Naples Academy Facility

White Belt Basics

Open to all belts. The purpose of this program is to develop the fundamental skills of grappling. This class will provide the student with a workable system from the feet all the way to the mat. These classes are a prerequisite to both the advanced Submission Wrestling and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu classes.

Third Law BJJ of Naples Academy Warmups

No-Gi Basics

This class focuses on grappling without the use of the Gi. It is highly recommended that students interested in No Gi Grappling training still attend the BJJ White Belt Basics classes to get a solid base in BJJ. You will notice that our best No Gi grapplers and MMA Fighters are attending the BJJ White Belt Basics classes and/or have completed the BJJ White Belt Basics

Third Law BJJ of Naples Academy Technique

Jiu-Jitsu Mixed

Students who have taken at least 16 of our BJJ Basics classes will get access to these classes. At this level, students will be given a chance to learn more advanced techniques and will also be given more time to roll live (spar) with their teammates. These training sessions are more intense than the BJJ Basics classes and are great not only for a good workout but to test yourself both physically and mentally.

Third Law BJJ of Naples Academy Grip Fighting

Jiu-Jitsu Advanced

This class is available to all BJJ Blue Belts and above. (White belt students who are on the Combat Gold Program may attend these classes as long as they attended the preceding BJJ White Belt Basics Class). Students will be shown more advanced flowing drills, throwing combinations, and submission flows.

Third Law BJJ of Naples Academy Takedowns

No-Gi Advanced

As seen in such events as Abu Dhabi and Grapplers Quest, this style of martial art concentrates on controlling and finishing an opponent who is not wearing grippable clothing. Although the basis of effective no-gi grappling is Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, submission wrestling offers unique challenges. In response, this class features a greater emphasis on takedowns, leglocks, and 1/2-guard systems. This class is for students who have attended at least 16 Basics classes (gi or no-gi).

Third Law BJJ of Naples Academy Grappling

Combat Gold

This is an special invitation-only class. Everyone in this program has a dedication to Jiu-Jitsu, allowing us to produce a high-intensity training environment. Champions are born here but it's not for everybody.

Third Law BJJ of Naples Academy Submission

Conditioning Classes

This class focuses on building cardio and felxibility for the athlete. It may consist of, but not limited to running on the beach sand, running inside the water up to knee level, stretching, and circuit training. On this classes the students workout in ways that will improve their performance as an athlete not their looks. No technique is discussed and no sparring takes place. The class is meant to break away from the idea that lifting weights (like bodybuilders) is the way to gain strength. We searh for power (repeteadly explosiveness), flexibility, balance, and cardiovacular fitness.

Saturday-2.25 Miles Run at the Beach for Time.

Welcome to Third Law Brazilian Jiu Jitsu in Collier County

A Typical Helen Circuit @ The Beach:

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